Transhuman Girl 3D Printed Resin Art Piece for Collecting and Painting

Transhuman Girl 3D Printed Resin Art Piece for Collecting and Painting


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This is a made to order part.

A beautiful sculpture by Duncan "Shadow" Louca entitled "Transhuman Girl" Printed at a medium sized in a multiple parts sitting approximately 5-6 inches tall assembled. This doesn't really fit the table top / rpg type of mini, but if you enjoy Resin Kits and Garage Kits then it's perfect for you!

Once paid for your order will be put into the print queue and packed and shipped once the order is completed.

All Citizen Bane minis are printed in high resolution using stereolithography, generally abbreviated as SLA. This process uses a UV wavelength light to cure (harden) a special type of liquid resin on a layer by layer basis. The advantage over traditional 3D printing using plastic filament is that a much higher resolution can be achieved. All prints are executed at 0.04mm layer heights (40um). The end result is an absence of any print layers visible to the naked eye.


This print is large and will be hollowed in order to print correctly.

SLA prints need to be performed with a large array of supports connecting the prints to the build plate. I endeavour to remove and clean all of the points where the supports were attached to model during printing however you should closely examine the model prior to painting.

If you are new to resin parts, it is a hard material, but generally more brittle than plastic. You can knock it around on your table top without consequence; however, dropping your minis onto a hardwood floor is a very bad idea.

(Digital Sculpt by Duncan Shadow Louca - Printed with permission as a registered merchant)


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