Ogre - Pose 1 - 3D Printed Resin Miniature for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder and other Tabletop RPGs

Ogre - Pose 1 - 3D Printed Resin Miniature for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder and other Tabletop RPGs


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This is a made to order part.

Item ships as unpainted resin, photo renders to show finished possibilities only.

Once paid for your order will be put into the print queue and packed and shipped once the order is completed.

All Citizen Bane minis are printed in high resolution using stereolithography, generally abbreviated as SLA. This process uses a UV wavelength laser to cure (harden) a special type of liquid resin on a layer by layer basis. The advantage over traditional 3D printing using plastic filament is that a much higher resolution can be achieved. All prints are executed at 0.04mm layer heights (40um). The end result is an absence of any print layers visible to the naked eye.


Small Size minis will be solid resin.

Medium and Large Size minis will be hollowed and have some drain holes placed in easily filled areas. This is an unfortunate requirement to achieve a successful prints of large parts.

SLA prints need to be performed with a large array of supports connecting the prints to the build plate. I endeavour to remove and clean all of the points where the supports were attached to model during printing however you should closely examine the model prior to painting.

If you are new to resin parts, it is a hard material, but generally more brittle than plastic. You can knock it around on your table top without consequence; however, dropping your minis onto a hardwood floor is a very bad idea.

(Digital Sculpt by Megs3D - Printed with permission as a registered merchant)


As Canadians, we all know how Canada Post don't exactly offer the most competitive rates for tracked parcel service... I ship all my goods in their $17.99 flat rate box. What this means is that you pay $17.99 for the entire order regardless of how many items you purchase. If you order $120 or more of goods, shipping is free and I will refund you any shipping costs at or after checkout.

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Top notch experience with the shop and with David. He was very easy to deal with and very responsive to any questions.

I had a difficult time finding an ogre mini - they're either not produced (Deep Cuts or Nolzur's) or never in stock (Reaper/Bones). Nearing my wits end, I came across CitizenBaneGaming on Etsy and discovered some intimidating ogres - I couldn't ask for better looking minis for my RPG adventures. Even greater than the quality of the minis was the top-notch service I received from David. From suggesting additional poses for the ogres (I ordered 3 in all the same pose, unaware that I had a selection), to shipping out my order promptly - David kept me in the loop via email, making the whole experience friendly and personable. I hope to be dealing with him again in the near future and couldn't recommend his services enough.